Showerbuddy SB1

Channel Armrest (SB-ACD-100)

This accessory is currently only available in the USA.

Star Cushion (SBSC-2)

This inflatable and adjustable cushion accessory is currently only available in USA.

Tensioned Backrest (TBR)

The tensioned backrest has 3 separate adjustment points to suit most users’ posture and comfort. The fabric is a fast drying comfortable mesh fabric.

Safety Restraints (#118)

A softer fabric safety belt. Picture is similar only.

Cushion Overlay (SCO)

To close the commode function and use the chair as a transport chair if required.

Shower Base Risers (SBR)

Includes: 4 x Shower Base Riser Tubes. 4 x Suction Cups This accessory will be required where the shower base is level or below the bathroom floor. Shown on Left is standard SBR (comes with chair) and on Right is the longer SBR for level or lower shower bases.

Neck Rest Assembly (NRA)


  • 1 x Neck Rest (Part 70)
  • 1 x Neck Rest Height Adjustment Tube (Part 71A)
  • 1 x Neck Rest Attachment (Part 72A)
  • 1 x Neck Rest Sleeve (Part 73)

Custom Size Bridge (CB)

CB-2 Modifying the length of bridge supplied with the chair by extending or shortening to suit the particular room configuration (if necessary).

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